Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Day, This Life

This day, this life dedicated to u My Maula:( and to those i am given in care of and for all those moments when lifes cares, the hustle bustle and beauties and excitements and triviality takes my mind away from u...forgive me and ignore my incompetencies and inability to pay for your love.

Though i know you are in shape of a mortal, i want to forget and not accept this fact of life that one day you shall be leaving us... for once i want God to change his laws... For God can and He has, hasn't he, from Getting the moon and trees to move from their place and come bow to Rasulallah, to having marry the virgin to give birth to Jesus, from letting Moses to get his upbringing in the pharohs own palace when he for fear of moses being born had asked all the kids to be killed...

So its highly possible... But yes why wud u do it for a silly girl like me... i dont know but i dont care... for all those dreams which are still to come true... and for me to be able to know You are there even when i am physically world away... but you are there breathing, praying smiling, relaxing, sitting, talking...and listening to my endless arzis, prayers and answering them exactly when i need to hear from you, helping me make those decisions and taking those steps, which i am unable to take without you watching and telling me you can do it and i am there to watch and ensure they turn out in your best interest...:)

So i need you... i need for me, for my kids for their kids till the end of time till eternity till the end of this world... So Maula... i am going to pray with the faith that it has to come true... May you live Long till the day of judgement...hoping that by a miracle this will come true... if only it doesn't mean you will have to suffer cuz of this...for to see u in pain is worse then letting u go...

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