Sunday, October 2, 2011

The only Reason why i said yes!

To you was cuz i was not able to say it to anyone else... no seriously thats the only reason

but for every other reason under the sun... it has been a no, a big Fat loud, NOooooooo!

and i do think abt wat u say... when u ask why u love me?...

i have no crazy idea, other then u r the only one i was able to say yes to... and stick on it for this long but for every other reason that i search and find, its a big NOooooo...

I am not sorry for any thing... not for the yes or for the numerous nos... but once my cousin brother (a married man) said something to me, when i was feeling sad regretting saying no to a guy who wanted to marry me...

He said
Girl, there are thousand reasons to say a no, but only one reason to say a yes...:)

i guess he was right... cuz there is but only one good reason... and that reason is strong enuf to deal with all the nos that i keep coming at, convincing me to stop and forget, and throw u away... and that reason still keeps winning!

Shit you Got me! Can i play this round again... ? and why i feel i still wud want it to be u!

i know one more round or thousand more rounds... i have this feeling i will only say yes to u!

Dont ask me ppl... may be i am nuts, may be i lost my sense or something strange happened with me that day... it was enuf to make me lose my senses to understand , analyse, realize think, calculate, and i made this pact keeping God the witness.... and now i have this whole life and eternity to know the reason why?... Don't I

and no dont think i love u... i am mad at u! and i wish i cud confront u and do everything that i wish wud clear my heart and soul of u! i am.... (the word for this has not been discovered)

I am going through this... but i know i wrote every bit of this fate for myself...through my thinking and deeds!

So pls dont sympathize with me.... i am still the creator and writer of my life, so wat i cant write more then ur name yet and not a solution for the problem we are facing!

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  1. Wow, it sounds like you have a lot going on. But your friend was right, there is only one good reason to say yes.