Friday, October 7, 2011

Fiction, who me?

"Why read fiction when you got a life like mine!:) since you have happened, my life has twists and turns that make every fiction boring!

So my bro asks me " why not give what you have to the world, you can make a difference in so many lives, why not do soemthing...

and i said... let me make a difference in mine and then surely i shall do it to others!

i had promised once to make a difference in urs and Gulabs!

i want this

i shall have this

let God make his own way for me to follow and acheive myt objectives...

but before that i need to clear myself on wat they are and be sure they are worth giving it all!

Can anyone recommend me a person who inspires you a lot and who u think i can learn a lot from and must work with! please!

i am not looking for a job, i am looking for a man i can work for!

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