Saturday, October 22, 2011

Neele Neel Amber Per

if u wish to date me:) and want it to be a hit for life...

make sure i listen to this song while i am with u! and yes we must be alone and i shud feel safe!

who knows it may increase ur chances to win my heart!

a secret i am sharing with all those who may be interested, except him... who already has my heart:D

Neele Neele Amber Per (On the dark blue sky when the moon comes out)

oh yes, this is not the only criteria... but this will win u way more favors then those who wudnt!

you can try with girls u wish to mate... incase they are made of the same fibre as i am this may get u lucky



  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, buddy. You're allowed to date? :O Are you sure you live in Pakistan?

    Sorry, I'm in shock. I live in America and I'm still can't date, let alone hang out with guys. Dx

  2. i was always allowed to date as long as my parents knew who i am going out with... and am home on a decent time and if the dates exceed from more then one or two i was gently asked my intentions and if i wanted to continue we wud get engaged if not i wud simply say good bye it was very nice meeting u! and yeh good luck for ur life stay well!...

    besides its always good to be sensible when dating... i know who to go out with and why? i dont beleive in secret affairs... if u have to be with me... everyone needs to know abt it... in order to get a right person.. u need to date ppl so u can know what choices u have... also it improves u as a person to know abt ur preferences and have faith u can get them... if u do it in the right way.

    and to choose u may need to meet ppl. and ur parents need to understand that... if they are educated enuf!

    some families dont allow it... but then their kids do it against their wish and get into worse situations... my family has a trust bond with me... which i know never to break... they lose me free yet they know i will never break free from them for any tom dick and harry... but may pull the right candidate inside and make him the family too

    and no i dont mean dating to get laid:P u might end up in jail or who knows the graveyard...

    i mean dating to get me hooked and finally getting me to say yes to u!