Sunday, October 16, 2011

Not permanent!

Dont say i am a gem! Dont be impressed by my personality and looks! Dont look up to me now...Dont take me as final... my journey isnt over... it has but started... dont take me for my word i havent proved my worth yet... wat i say i am on i may never get there... wat i make u blv abt me now may not be true...i am not yet tested with the worst times to show u my reality... i am still unexposed and when i get fully expose u may not blv wat u see... so dont bother trusting me... cuz i dont as yet! if there is one u must trust... its who i trust with closed eyes! and open heart... and he is but one!i guarantee u he will never fail u even if u will a thousand times!

Every time you say i am a gem, you make me happy...i feel good in myself...but be ready to be disappointed for i am not unchangeable yet! i am not permanent!

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