Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time to Go!

i want to run away...:) to a place where i cud be i dont know... some thoughts are like an arrray of scenes u dont have words to really write them. glad for not having a good vocab gosh... wish i didnt know how to write the first sentence, its bad this moment, not even close the next...without knowing where to run ... running away can be a very stupid thing...may be its time for another trip or pill:( whchever does the work. Somewhere! here i come! (its a secret... wont even tell my parrents:) will call them to tell i am ok... dont worry abt me... and i love u more than life... but i needed this more than u .. :P dream it is for my mom will raise the sky on this one...

They wont be able to breathe until they cud see me on the skype... and know i am ok... and will remain so till the end of my life:) this is love too...

i want to do something exceptional... something i never dreamed of...wat is that one thing u did u never dreamed u wud do?

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