Sunday, May 22, 2011

my teeth i will miss u... seriously was i that bad to u:(

Another name for me would be careless... the answer for all that i dont have or that i am losing one after another:) dont tell mom but i guess i might need to see the dentist again:P and i dont know how to break this news to her... we were there last week... no she wont kill me... she is too soft for that, but she might do something that i will regret even more :) so either i will live with this or get it solved alone...she doesn't need to know everything anyways:)


  1. should see a dentist as soon as possibl...its not...healthy...

    Take Care !

    By the way thanks for dropping by...I am honored.

  2. i will thanx for dropping by:) and being the first to follow..yey!