Wednesday, May 18, 2011


things that are meant to be, they happen anyways, whether u go for them or u dont, or its u who make them happen, with a consious effort as if u asking for it made them happen?

if they will be given paradise for bringing in their heart even a raai of love of ahlebait, wat is their heart filled with for the rest, hatred for them, in that case wont the raai of hate make it hard for them to enter heaven?

if marriages are to be done of the ppl with same faith why some of the marriages of similar faith fail and of dissimilar faith turns out wonderful.

are all woman made from the ribs of their man. then wat abt those who are single, and never marry or marry and are divorced?

If nikahs of only a momin are real, then why so many non bohris, are good at keeping vows, where as momin arent.

Why is that i love a kid who isnt a bohri, with a devotion, which i never felt for a bohri kid? so much that if i had to let go of having a kid of mine, i wudnt regret?
what is that i experience for him, since he isnt a family nor even of the same faith? i do know my feelings for him are pure and heart felt, and unexplainable and a choice to consider and make dear to my heart.

why i feel more generous and well mannered and honest and dependable and humble ppl outside dawwodi bohra then in bohras, or is it, that compared to the rest of the world, bohra population is way small and as i am only lucky to see the best of outsiders, its more of a wrong statistic.

Why Salman khan seems close to my heart, what am i to learn abt myself and my weaknesses from him, and same goes for Abbas

If F and A don't feel good without each other, why they find living together an impossible deal, even when they both know they will not be able to tie knots with anyone else too and wat have i to learn abt my weaknesses from both of them. why was i involved in their life, when i easily cud have missed it, why fate borught us together. wat relationship i share with him? why i am uneasy leaving him out of my heart and having someone else as a life partner, when its so obvious a lot in us doesn't click.

Is my fear of sex and inability to like it something of a spiritual problem?

Is my fear of my husband to have feelings for other more then me a fear which comes from a spiritual weakness or its valid fear.

Two of my worst nightmares came true, does that mean the rest will come true too?

Those who dont have maula as the most trusted source of support and healing and guidance, what guidance is available to those who dont have maula, and hel them find lasting peace of mind?

I dont regret not listening to anyone or do as they say, but maula, does it mean i have a spiritual problem, which arises from my sins, and not something to feel proud and ok about?

Will list more when i get them:)

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