Thursday, March 3, 2011

My family... My PPL dont ever let me go...:)

I said, Life is hectic
He asked, is it?

I said, I have no time
He asked, Not even for me?

I said, I have to study
He asked, Cant you come and meet me once?

I said, I really find it hard but I'll try
He asked, How come you have no time for me?

I said, Life has changed.
He asked, Have you stopped loving me?

I said, No No Not that way
He asked, Then why don't you come to meet me?

I said, Okay I'll come.
He asked, What took you so long?

I said, My Work
He asked, Will you play with me?

I said, Yes I'll but tomorrow
He asked, Sure no?

I asked, Where are you?
He said, I'm gone. you are late sis, but I'll be with you.... today tomorrow and forever.

PS: Always give the highest priority to your family and ones who love you. You may never get a chance to even bid a Bye.
PSS: Will always love you bro!

excerpts from someones post
I am glad i have my family with me...sahi salamat:)

My dear Family, dont forgive me if i dont be there when u need me the most...:( i wud wnat to be with u eternally:) love u my sweet folks... dont ever stop to pester me, annoy me, hurt me, kid me, stop me, hold me, scold me, even hit me... in short dont ever let go of me and dont ever give up on me...:) even though i say i can do without u... i know i wont be able to... ik din to boht hai... ik pal bhi nahi...:) jehan aap wehan main...:) bus thori independance once in a while... thora solitude one in a while... thori privacy once in a while... thori man maani once in a while , thora anger once in a while, and then i need u back...

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