Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If not you then salman khan... :) although i know i cant, but i feel i care for him... or do i... cant say... unless it happens in real...

anyone else... i was thinking and from i dunno where hasan got into my mind.. my brothers friend... probably four years younger. a sweet kid, atleast as long as i had no intention for marrying him.

why him u may ask? cuz i feel he is sick... his two kidneys are failed... and no i am not really sorry for him.... never but i do know ppl are so stupid that they will not agree to marry him cuz he is sick... its ok if ur husband dies after ur amrried but marryinga sick man is folly in our society... so i really think low of people with that mentality. for me i know god has written his life... and he may end up living more and with much mroe health then me... so i am not sorry . but wat i feel makes me comfortable is the fact that he will more wise and close to the reality of this life and himself then so many of the others wud be... and i know for sure he is the sweetes guy i will ever see.. so yes... he is a thrid choice... but even talking loud abt this thought alone will make my family want me to see a doctor...:( they so dont undertsand... and i think its cuz they dont have the same faith as i have in god and in what he approves and what he is capable of doing.

ofcourse i know i am thinking its not that i am decided... but i know for sure if he will agree i will try to stick to my word for life...but i wonder if that is soemthing i shud go for... with you gone... i need to find myself a better person... better then u... cuz i deserve it,.. dont i?

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