Friday, March 11, 2011


I wish for u a cottage in the valley...
where flowers are as far as u see
when u wake up in the morning
the lovely breeze greets u...

I wish for u a life which is trouble free and calm
full of laughters cheers and happy songs...
full of youth and smiles of us all
kind words, and teases which never leave u

I wish for u treasures of the world
those that u give away as u made our life easy
angels from heaven to air u did when lights went off and u did throughout the night:(

How can i forget... those morsels u snatched from ur mouth to feed us four:)
those errands u ran holding us in ur arms
those doctors, those schools, those walking for hours
those crying on street when one of us was amiss

Mom i wish for u all the things u left behind
all the dreams u let go
all the smiles u traded for the pain we gave
all the love we denied in anger and vain

Mom i have been selfish
Mom i have been harsh
mom i have been stupid
mom i have been unheeding

of ur pain of ur needs of ur hopes of ur dreams
of ur wishes of ur cravings, of ur pain, of ur fears

All i can now desire for u is the world...
i wish i cud give u myself and give all of me
but i dont know if i will ever do that
and whether i will ever feel happy

Mom i am sorry for being such a bad daughter
i cudnt give u any peace... nor happiness
i thought it was ok to live as i desire
but today i feel if i hurt u... then nothing is worthwhile

I worry to leave u... i know u will be broken
i feel its ok if i never have to
cuz if i give a smile and company...
then nothing is more imp to acheive in this world

i love u mom...and i wish i never grow up and be a person who can do without you... ever

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