Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Joyful Pakistan

its a joyful experience to buys things from good looking principled, respectful, shy smiled non bargaining pathans...:) if they like u they offer to drop the stuff to ur car happily.. if they are pissed at u... they will be as rude as they can get. if after a five minute pursuation they only let go of ten Rs... i think... i will stop bargaining... to save myself extra energy lost... i so hate bargaining... mehengai hai... but i know they dont keep to themselves as much as the high end consumer shops do... when we give those luteras the price... who are we to question and manipulate these masoom pathans who are happy as a lark... even in the mid of the heat and having only enuf to get by!:) Jiyey Pathan bhai... Jiyey Pakistan!

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