Friday, February 17, 2012


I know he is one! And wat ever name u give him... its the same we are referring to...

If this is one world... then he is the Creator... who whether we bow to or not... He will be the creator

If we will bow and love and worship and place our trusts in Him... He will reward us with a life of his beloved creation and if we dont... he will disgrace and make life a hell.

I know that much...i beleive it... and cannot deny it...

He is just! But he is not just the way we want him to be just.

I wanted to ask him, why he choses not to answer the plea of a your girl being raped, or abducted without her will?

I wanted to ask him, why he chose not to grant the mother with a kid when she pleads to give birth

I wanted to ask why he doesnt send a decent men or a men the women can say yes to and fine the reason to live her life then feel unloved and lose hope and vigor to move on

i wanted to ask why he chose to have the innocent killed and the evil hands to rule the world and make decisions that effect lives of those who have no say...

I wanted to ask why he never gives wat we want when we need it the most and when the need for it is no more we are granted it

i wanted to ask why he stretches us to a limit where we fail and give up on wat ever little faith we were able to have

I wanted to ask why he makes us choose the paths which are not to work out for us... and never ever tells us wat he wants so that we dont ever deem to think for ourselves and to the thing he wants from the very beginning

I wanted to ask what he wants from me and why he gave me this life... if all he wanted to see me was to be disgraced and lose every tiny bit of desire to live and breathe...

why does he hate me so much as to make me

Why was it not enuf that he wud have not made one soul who is lost who doesnt even have a desire to be found... who just wants to lose herself in the nothingness vanish in the air... like it was never there... to neither hate nor love... to neither need nor have... neither lose nor care... neither feel hunger nor cry to be fed... neither feel thirsty and die of thirst every day before she dies... who neither is born to die...

was it just to let us all know who to bow and live under... i know it was to just make urself known...

Dont u ever forgive me... cuz i dont love u! i only need you... cuz i have needs which need to be fulfilled... once i wont have needs i wont care for u... will i?

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