Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You cant Imagine how happy i was!

It dsplayed on my yahoo email like a medal. it was purely magical. And i had not expected it in the least. A question like that seemed desperate. and to expect an answer from the man himself, an impossibility. But there it was glaring at me telling me to believe it... but like previous time... i wasn't jumping up and down. I was very poised. Like i was getting used to my tiny tear drop successes.:) He greeted me using my name... and answered me oh so well. That i am finally registering to him as a person, though one of her fan, but one who was doing more then wat others were doing to get his attention. Even if it was for mere fraction of the day, even if it was just to be polite and return the gesture of unconditional love. Well unconditional love is all i feel for him. Other wise who he is, just an actor, who happens to resemble you or more so you resembles him. Is that the reason why i started noticing him suddenly and getting all interested. Well what ever is the reason, i don't want to get into the core of it. All i know is that i got a reply from RAHUL BOSE, one of the finest, actors i have come across and one of the finest human being too and i am very very excited. I am planning to get it framed, like one of the trophy, not one that stands there in the corner of a table collecting dust but rather a frame that would adorn my bedroom wall, or reside by my bed, making me feel happy waking every morning, alone. for i know if ill ever get married... this picture will have to go somewhere else.. or may be i will finally grow up to dump it. (that wouldn't be so fair)but just imagine.. a 50 yr old women, keeping this reply framed by her bedside... doesn't make a dime of sense... unless i am warded in a mental institution, cuz of my not growing out of my teens even at the age 50:)so you see Rahul i do have a point, and you shouldn't feel sad when i get rid of this message. Those who haven't felt this way about something in life... have really missed something very beautiful in their life and i have my condolences to offer those deprived souls... those who exactly know wat i am feeling and talking abt... here's to us all crazy aatmas... Cheers

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