Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stillness Speaks by Ekhart Tolle

ch 1 silence and stillness

when u lose touch with your inner stillness
u lose touch with urself

when u lose touch with urself
u lose urself in the world

ur innermost sense of self of who u r is inseperable from stillness

it is the i am, which is deeper then name and form

stillness is ur essential nature.

what is stillness
an inner ence or awareness in which these words are being perceived and become thoughts

without that awareness there wud be no perception....... no thoughts....... no world.

u r that awareness disguised as a person

the equivalent of external noise is the inner noise of thinking

the equvalent of external silence is inner stillness

whenever there is some silence around u...... listen to it.     that means just notice it, pay attention to it

listening to silence awakens the dimention of stillness within urself

because it is only thrugh stillness that u can be aware of silence

see that in the moment of noticing the silence around u u r not thinking... u r aware but not thinking

when u become aware of silence immediately that enacts inner sence of alertness. u r present. you have stepped out of thousand of years of collective human conditioning

look at a tree, a flower, a plant.
let ur awareness rest upon it

how still they are how deeply rooted in being

allow nature to teach u stillness

when u lok at a tree and perceive it stillness, u become still urself

u connect with it at a very deep level

u feel a oneness in what ever u perceive in an through stillness

feelings of oneness of urself with all things is love

silence is helpful but u dont need it in order to find stillness. even if there is noise u can be aware of stillness underneathe tht noise of space n which the nise arises

that is the inner space of awareness.. consiousness itself

u can become aware of awareness as the background of all ur sense perceptions or ur thinking

becoming aware of awareness is he ariving of stillness

any disturbing noise can be as helpful as silence.


by dropping ur inner resitance to noise.. by allowing it to be as it is. this acceptance also takes u in the round of inner peace that is stillness

whenever u deeply accept this moment as it is, no matter hwat form it takes u r still. u r at peace.

pay attention to the gap. the gap b/w tw thoughts. the breif silence space between words in a conversation

b/w the nodes of the piano or flute.. between the inbreaths and ut breaths.

when u pay attention to those gaps, the awareness of something becomes just awareness

true intelligence operates silently

n silence cretaivty and solutions to problems are found.

is stillness just absense of noise and content. no! its the intelligence itself.
the underlying form of consiousness thoorugh which every form is born

and how cud that be seperate from who u r

the form u think u r came out of that and is being sustained by it.

itsis th essense of all galaxies and blads of grass. of all flowers trees birds and all other forms

stillness is the only thing in this world which has no form, but then it is really not a thing and it is not of this world

when u look at a tree or human being in stillness who is looking
something deeper then ther person, consiousness is looking at its creation

do u need more knowledge... is more information going t save the world or faster comuters

is it not wisdome that humanity needs most at this time

but what is wisdom and where is it to be found?

wisdom comes with the ability to be still

just look and just listen. no more is needed

to be still look and listen activates the non conceptual intelligence within u

let stillness direct ur words and actions.

ch 2

beyond the thinking mind

most ppl spend their whole lives in the confines of their own thoughts

they never go beyond the narrowminded sense of self that is conditioned by past.

in each of us there is a dimention of consiousness that is far deeper then thought and that is the eswssence of who we r

we may call it presnece, awareness, the unconditioned consiousness. fnding that consiousness frees u and the world from the sufferings u inflict on urself and others

love joy creative expansion and lasting inner peace cannot come into ur life except through that unconditioned dimension consiousness.

if u can recognize even occasionallly, the thots tat go thorugh ur mind as just thoughts. if u can witness urself ur own mental emotional reactive patterns as they happen. then that dimension is already emerging in u as awareness in whi ch

thoughts and emotions happen

th consious inner sace in which the content of ur ife unfolds..

the stream of thinking has an enormous momentum that cud drag u along with it..

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