Monday, March 26, 2012

It is you, it was always you:) It will always be you!

You got to love someone a lot to keep loving them as they age... and turn from the yoithful beauty into an old hag:) when u grow with them which u do... u can do that pretty easy...and sometimes u can draw how he/she wud look years down the road... and u want to see that person come out... and to enjoy him/her with the decreasing memory, patience, strength hair, teeth and everything else... :) that person u want to always be around and grow old with!:) u just know its him/her and no body else u wud ever exchange them for. ever! you are my that somebody... and i knew that from the day i heard ur voice and saw u the first time and had my first conversation!:) and heard ur first laughter or got ur first scolding and saw ur first bad mood and received your first hug and kiss and the first i love u... i still remember the tear that trickled out of nowhere... as i silently cried... both happy and sad... happy that it was u... and sad that i knew my fate cudnt be this perfect ever again!:( i love u and i always will hear and anywhere .... for ever!

i love u because u fulfilled my dreams... as if God did finally grant my life wishes! and u filled each one of them... without i ever need to ask u!:) as if to grant me my wishes was the only way u got urs granted!:) how lovely!

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