Monday, December 3, 2012

I am done Loving!

He is the only one i love but i cant be with him. Its a shame.

I am asked to look out for new love but i tell every one.. i am done loving... and i am glad i got a chance to  have loved fully. i gave him all that i had... and now i have nothing to left in me... an emppty hollow heart... and a soul that is full of him

so i might marry another , . but it wont be for love, it wud be for duty..

.i never believed in marriage without love... i never believed in  loving one and marryig other... i dont believe in having a wandering and longing heart while i am with someone on my side... 

believe in loving once and giving my everything to it. and i did... 

Aren't men supposed to know the womans heart... and whats in it when they seek to marry... or are they just bothered about having their  needs met... need for sex... need for food and need for support.

or do men really do care for a woman like a woman care for a man? to know them inside out

May be he tried teaching me this  lesson. when needs are at stake... man cant think.

but all i know is i have loved for this life... and may be i failed... but even if my heart bleeds and my soul cries,   i do smile and laugh and sing and dance, when i come across something mesmerizing. This world is so beautiful with so many beautiful people... including all those heart throbs, my mind tries temoting me with... and i do think men make this planet beautiful, just like man think woman make this world beautiful... 

but for me he stands out... like a sun among stars... like a  kind among people... like a love among infatuations...  and a longing among needs. needs that can be easily fulfilled and replaced... he on the other hand is   longing that tugs at my heart and keeps it bleeding through my eyes.

I may have losthim... but i didnt lose my will to love him.  its still there and my hearthsnt stop bating on his name. 

 i sinserely wish those who love me cud know how i feel and let me be and forgive me for not being like them...not thinking like them... not behaving like them. not existing like them.

I was born to be myself... love my way... live my way, dress my way, eat my way... exist my way  and finally die my way!

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